Hoang Sa M&E Construction Company Limited is a contractor specializing in consulting – designing and constructing Clean Rooms for projects in the fields of food processing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, electronics,…

With many years of experience in the profession, Hoang Sa has been chosen by many large domestic companies as a clean room design and construction contractor. In each project, depending on technology and customer requirements, Hoang Sa will provide appropriate solutions and designs and use different “clean” levels, from Class 100,000 to Class 100 or clean according to GMP standards.

Clean room items that Hoang Sa designs and constructs:

  • Basic construction system and infrastructure
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Ventilation System
  • Clean room Panel system
  • Electrical systems, automation, light electricity
  • Water supply and drainage system, water treatment
  • BMS Management System
  • Epoxy Paint System
  • Other auxiliary systems: fire protection, compressed air, boilers,…

Customers who are in need of clean room design and construction, please contact Hoang Sa M&E immediately for advice and implementation with the most reasonable quality and price. We operate mostly in the following areas:

1 PHARMACEUTICALS: Helps ensure a sterile environment in the production process of drugs, medical equipment, etc. to ensure that products in a clean room environment are best preserved and do not cause complications for patients.
2. FOOD: Environmental design and construction helps minimize the spread of bacteria during the production process, helping to preserve food better. If food is stored under normal conditions, it will negatively affect the quality, for example: spoiling milk, sweets, etc., making the products susceptible to deterioration, causing harm to health. user health. Therefore, setting up a food clean room system will help the best food preservation process.
3. COSMETICS: Cosmetic packaging requires storage under normal temperature conditions to avoid deterioration of cosmetic ingredients, causing negative effects on the user’s skin, hair, etc. In the production process, too, a clean room environment helps minimize factors that are detrimental to the ingredients in cosmetics, helping the production and preservation process to be at its best.
4. SEMICONDUCTOR ELECTRONICS: With today’s ever-evolving technology, semiconductor devices become more sophisticated, have more functions and become smaller, even the smallest speck of dust can destroy circuit boards. or electronic chips, etc.  Producing and storing semiconductor devices in a clean room environment helps eliminate dust particles that affect microchips, chips, etc., ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the product. .
5. HOSPITAL: If the operating room is not sterile, it will be a huge risk factor for patients, they are susceptible to infection after surgery and will cause unforeseen complications. A clean operating room that is absolutely sterile will ensure greater safety for patients after surgery, eliminating the need to worry about post-operative infection. Most hospital operating rooms must be sterile and inspected regularly.