Cosmetics Production


There are many types of cosmetics on the market today. Besides, the situation of “confusion” is very common. The market is flooded with cosmetics of unknown origin, of unknown origin.

Therefore, Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice is a guarantee of the factory’s production process as well as bringing the best, safe and quality products to customers.

The first thing in production is that the factory must be built and granted certificates of GMP and CGMP standards. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reputable cosmetic factory construction unit, optimizing costs.

1: Requirements of CGMP standard:

We have a team of staff with professional qualifications and working standards. There is a training plan, professional training for employees to improve their knowledge and better understand the cosmetic manufacturing process.

Modern machinery, equipment, and equipment are all inspected, periodically inspected, warranted and repaired regularly to ensure quality standards.

The ingredients used to make cosmetics are tested before production.

Verify and verify clearly the chemical ingredients, origin, certification of safety for consumers. Closed process production environment, rigorous testing.

Sanitize the factory up to standards with modern tools and means.

2. Process of CGMP standard for cosmetic industry

Employees manipulate and fulfill requirements for raw materials, formulations, product standards, supplier conditions including production facilities, and evaluate raw material supply. material.

– Checking and evaluating suppliers and cleaning, ensuring raw materials, finished products sold, products, operations of employees,

– Handle nonconforming or defective products, resolve customer complaints in the most secure way.

– Making documents, records,…

In Vietnam, according to the decision of the Ministry of Health, the CGMP standard is the standard that manufacturing factories are required to apply to ensure product quality and safety.

3. Meaning of CGMP standard in cosmetic production

A cosmetic factory that wants to be known for its prestige and quality needs to apply the CGMP standard, because the CGMP standard will fundamentally and comprehensively improve the hygiene and safety conditions of the production plant as well as production activities and meet the requirements of the law on food hygiene and safety management. The CGMP standard brings many benefits when applied by manufacturing plants:

– Standardization of living conditions and hygiene control activities of factories, people, and production.
– Create favorable conditions for the implementation of HACCP, ISO 22000.
– Largely reduce the risk of poisoning, complaints, customer complaints
– Enhance the credibility, reliability, satisfaction of distributors and customers.
– Improve the overall operation of the business

With many years of building GMP and CGM factories, Hoang Sa has built a lot for factory projects, clean factories and received the trust of investors, we are always committed to:

> Product quality: Customers receive free advice by leading engineers and experts in the field of GMP

> Competitive cost: Hoang Sa always puts the trust of customers and quality first, therefore, in addition to quality, Hoang Sa always commits to the most competitive costs, optimizing costs for the Investor.

> Warranty and maintenance: If there are any errors arising after handing over, we will handle them quickly and ensure the most stable operation of the factory.